My Piece

The last few months have passed us by in the blink of an eye. Time feels relative. We aren’t existing in the confines of our homes. We’re merely hanging on, hoping for better days to come. Lethargy has set in, our whole world has ground to a halt.

Trapped in my room, I’ve experienced a lack of self-awareness. My days are routine and monotonous. Throughout the day, trivial things catch my attention as time fritters by. It slips by very quickly.

Work, projects, everything is digital. The lack of change in physical surroundings has made life very bland. Solitude has only made me more dogmatic.

Enlightenment in solitude isn’t viable for me, stress testing my beliefs by conversing with others looks like a better way to do so. Consider this to be my piece, speak your own, and we’ll have another conversation to learn from.

To whom it may concern.

The world doesn’t revolve around you. It’s hard to accept that when your immediate world seems to be affected by everything you do or say. For better or worse the primary perspective through which one views the world will always be one’s own.

Let’s indulge in a little thought experiment: Assume that your life is a movie. You are the protagonist, others form the supporting cast. Now all those people who form your supporting cast have you as a member of their supporting cast in their own movies where they rule the roost.

Never forget the degree to which we entertain self-indulgence. Whenever possible, try to put yourselves in other’s shoes. Give them the benefit of doubt whenever you can, don’t assume malice when there is none.

People aren’t there to get you, people aren’t there laughing at you. They are as worried and as scared of things as you are. Talk to them, humanise them, don’t make monsters out of men. Take it easy, the world does not revolve around you, and it’s a good thing.